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The Benefits of the Maintenance-Free VRLA Battery

The uses of larger batteries are on the rise, with the demand for a backup power for several devices increasing. Irrespective of whether there is a connection to a reliable electricity grid or not, there are certain sectors where constant electricity availability is absolutely crucial and the risks emerging from unscheduled power outage is immense. Although, the use of the conventional lead acid battery is popular, the maintenance of the same has to be regular without which the decline of its performance is rapid. Thus, several industries are increasingly making use of the non-maintenance VRLA battery.

Low maintenance and long lasting

The battery is specially designed to be used for a long time without the need for constant maintenance. For a backup power system VRLA battery is among the most feasible option as it ensures that a battery doesn’t need to be changed or serviced regularly. Such batteries can last for several months or even years without any supervision.

Reliability unparalleled

This battery has low self-discharge features because of which it can reliably provide backup for several hours. It’s internally built cyclic and float design eliminates almost all chances of gas leaking from the battery by constantly reusing the internally present chemical in the most efficient manner. Unlike ordinary lead-acid batteries, the VRLA battery can keep on working for many years without any maintenance because of the use of oxygen-recombination technology. Because of its special leakproof design, it is also able to provide backup without any emission of corrosive gas or acid.

Usable across various environments

Whether power backups are required in urban settings with reliable electricity grid or some rural area without an electricity grid, the VRLA battery can be a really feasible. The batteries are designed to work even around hostile environments where temperatures reach can reach extremely low or high and where the access to electricity grid isn’t easy. In addition, most VRLA batteries are very compact and lightweight, because of which it’s can easily and conveniently be carried across several miles.

Applicable with various modern solar systems

This can work reliably with solar as well as grid electricity. It’s perfectly built to handle the demands of various industries including telecom equipments, UPS systems, fire alarms & security systems and emergency lighting among a few. They have also been reliably used with solar based street lights and the station power system. Any modern system that requires a portable power source can greatly benefit with the application of VRLA battery.

Several variants available

To meet the demands of customers, leading battery companies produce several variants of VRLA batteries available in market. From larger models that can provide backup to telecom towers and emergency rooms to smaller models that can be used with flashlights, customers can choose the models that could fit their needs. Thus, take the wise choice and choose the maintenance-free VRLA battery.

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