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How Can New Motorcycle Gear Improve My Ride?

He had been riding for over 20 years when his entire world changed. Troy De Baca, a motorcyclist from Denver, was swept up in a motorcycle crash. The experience was such a nightmare that the longtime rider was afraid to get back on his bike. But instead of letting his fear conquer him, De Baca stepped up and tried to find a solution instead.

To try to solve the problem of motorcyclists getting into crashes, De Baca devised an invention. However, he’s not the only motorcyclist to come up with a high-tech solution to this very serious and common problem.

Hi-Tech Motorcycle Gear to Improve Your Ride

· SignalWear– The product Troy De Baca came up with is called SignalWear. This smartgear integrates a turn signal into the back of a motorcycle glove to improve a rider’s visibility to other motorists. The light can be activated by a switch built into the thumb and forefinger of the glove, or it can be activated remotely by a SignalBox. The SignalBox connects to your motorcycle’s turn signal and then wirelessly communicates with the gloves as you ride.

· Roame Zeros– Motorcyclists have many products geared toward their safety, but some of these products are downright uncomfortable. That’s why the makers of Roame Zeros developed their own special motorcycling shoe. These shoes are made for comfort and safety. Designed with anti-abrasive leather and with D30 armor panels. It would be hard to get hurt while wearing these shoes, but the makers didn’t stop there. They integrated brake lights and turn signals into these shoes, adding a new dimension to the already safety conscious kicks.

· BrakeFree– The next piece of tech on our list is the BrakeFree. This handy device attaches to your helmet and lights up whenever you slow down. This brings your brake light to eye level with other motorists. Using an algorithm, BrakeFree detects when you decelerate, so it doesn’t have to be connected to your motorcycle. That means if you press the brakes, downshift or engine brake, BrakeFree will still light up to let motorists know you’re slowing down.

· Cosmo Connected– Like the BrakeFree helmet light, the Cosmo Connected lights up when you brake, but this little helmet add-on has an extra surprise. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and can send a text message to emergency services, or anyone you designate, with your location should you get into a crash.

· Sena 20S– The Sena 20S is the motorcycle communicator of the future. It claims the ability to connect to other Sena headsets to allow riders to talk to each other while riding. However, that’s not this device’s only trick. It can also connect to your smartphone, allowing you to stream music and answer phone calls while on the go.

· NUVIZ– This piece of amazing tech attaches to your helmet and works as a heads-up display. You can see your speed or even use the unit’s onboard GPS to navigate. This allows riders to not only never get lost, but they don’t have to stop in order to safely view a map. This device will also link to your phone, stream music, and take pictures or video as you ride.

Motorcycles are becoming more advanced, and so is the gear you wear when riding them. These devices not only make riders more visible, but they also improve rider comfort. However, we have yet to see if these modern marvels will actually improve the safety of motorcyclists.

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