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Van Leasing: The Low Budget Solution to High-End Vehicles

Van leasing is the process that can give one the pleasure of owning a commercial vehicle without the heck of having to buy one. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can easily contact one of the several companies that offer vans on lease. This is very beneficial, especially for firms running small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The practice of vehicle leasing is gaining in popularity even as the radio announces the shutdown of Britain’s economic crisis, the latter of course being open to debate. But the ground reality suggests otherwise. Many people are hesitant in buying a new car and with the ever tightening bank criteria governing car loans, many shy away from the service.

The first major benefit of taking a van on lease is that the monthly payment made is 30 to 50 percent less than what is made for a commercial vehicle. Then, leased vehicles are brand new and assure reliability of transport. Also, new vans bring in free maintenance services and assistance on the road. This is the major difference between taking a van on lease and buying a second hand vehicle. In case of the latter, any fault in the van means a hefty charge has to be paid to the mechanic.

Even the process of monthly payment is pretty simple. In case the monthly payment has to be brought down, a sufficient deposit ensures that the monthly payment remains pocket friendly. The number of months can also be selected which makes one pay really for only what is used.

Another important aid for the customer is the advent of online leasing companies. There are several many websites that offer an immensely satisfying variety of vans on lease including leases of some real class players like the VW Transporter Highline Kombi Lease and the Ford Transit Custom DCiV. If more than one van is to be taken on lease, then a few jaw dropping deals can also be availed.

An added benefit in van leasing is that it brings an exemption from paying VAT. VAT is a tax that is charged to the customer usually at the time of purchase. In taking a van on lease, the VAT gets adjusted with the monthly rent of the vehicle. As a general term in the contract, at the end of the contract period, the leasing company sells the van to the lessee and in such a purchase, the customer gets the vehicle VAT free. It should however be noted that in case the lessee wishes to end the contract early, an early settlement fee might be charged as per the contract.

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